Geldropseweg 84a
5611SK Eindhoven
The Netherlands

th-sa 13-18.00h
and by appointment



lxhxb is a small gallery run by an artist in conjunction with his practice and its vision can be split into two parts; one artistic and one operational.

As the name lxhxb implies, the gallery's artistic vision is based on the assumption that all artworks are realised in a physical reality. The artists working with the gallery thus show a great respect and understanding of their chosen material, which is expressed in clear and distinctive form. The gallery also fosters an appreciation for subtle subversions and rewards those that pay close attention to the world around them. lxhxb is the Dutch equivalent of length x height x width and its exact sequence is carefully chosen not only for its logical progression of shape, but equally for its defiance of the norm, this being hxlxb within the art world and lxbxh everywhere else.

An impetus for the gallery's operation has already been expressed eloquently by the artist Donald Judd in 1965: 'Art is an activity in its own right, not an adjunct to its business or to business generally. Somehow art should have its own money and the artists should control it. No artist can now help another very much. None can do much to help art as a whole. The galleries and museums are run by laymen. There should be something else.'
While this somewhat pessimistic view unfortunately still rings true today, one can only try to find a way to make that something else a reality.


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